Intentinnova™, an initiative by UNITED HOLLAND, is for People with Intention to Innovate for Very Good (or Better) Relationships, Society &/or Business.

The Community Exponential Multiplier Effect

The Power of Community Thinking
Ask not “What can (wo)mankind can do for us/me, ask what can we/I do for (wo)mankind?” (other example: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.)

The Community Exponential Multiplier Factor
If people would ask what others can do for them, there would for theoretical example be 8 billion people whom try to get others to do things for them = x 1 = times all people in this Universe considered.

If people ask what they can do for others, there would be 8 billion people, thinking about what they could do for 7.999.999.999 others. = x 7.999.999.999 = 63.999.999.992.000.000.000 (63,999999992 quintillion) times all people in this Universe considered.


Note: Is China on to something?

Humane Dynamic(s)

Let’s enrich Services/ Classes/ Courses & Products with HumaneDynamics™ by ‘People who provide/ teach/ (co-)create/ sell &/or supply something’, to ‘People who buy/ receive/ learn/ use that something’, so they may feel supported as Family. [image: We’ll try to hold you by a hand Family Members (High Level Relationship), who happen to be Our Clients (Lower Level Relationship) too.]


Employ Able People

Did you know that there were approximately 1.2 Billion Jobs supplied in relation to approximately 3 Billion Jobs demand (for 15 years and older)? Could be a big reason too why PEACE let to be desired at Planet Earth.

Let’s try to employ able People, so that all employable People intentionally have Very Good (or better) Jobs. With an increase in (Co-)Creative Jobs supply and a decrease in routine jobs demand.

We are for more self-employment (own trade license) for invoicing labour to bigger companies and to deduct incurred financial costs before taxes. For example: Professional promotion like ads, more ideally would not be paid from net financial income after taxes, but from gross financial income.



All of the above for your Business:

  • Intentinnova™
  • CommunityFactoring™
  • HumaneDynamics™ &
  • EmployAblePeople™

with PEACE-Oriented Business Support & Spiritual Guidance at PEOPLE.FAMILY and be part of Our Community Team. We prefer Complimenting Business as FAMILY Members for those who have PEACE as 1st priority & Settling 2nd and compete with those whom exist in an illusional paradise bubble and try to Settle while PEACE lets yet to be desired.


Business Presence at UNITED HOLLAND (.com)

Request for Business Presence at, also if you do not have a physical address at BeNeLux (Netherlands, Belgium &/or Luxembourg).

Michael Roeten (1974)
(f.:Roeten/m.:Withaar de Jong)

Founder Director President