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This ElegantLand™ is about NOT non-profit Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS:

This Community System is for example about giving Citizens a chance to earn Financial Income. Because it uses Designs-and-Creation-by-Citizens (Crowd-Sourcing) Approach, Financial Freelance compensation is possible, without Citizens need to have employers and neither their own trade-licenses. It is also NOT about Personal Gifts, Company Sponsorships and Government Grants. We try to work with Our Inherited Economical System.

For More Info, go to: https://community.business

*) Eleganthe: Family Members whom (are eligible to) sent a request to get an Eleganthe.ID™ Card.

UNITED HOLLAND ElegantLand™ with People at Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, China, Greece, United States of America, Brazil, Pakistan, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, South-Africa, South-Korea, Japan, Republic of Ireland & The Netherlands.

With an Eleganthe.ID™ Card:

  • You’ll have Official Membership of UNITED HOLLAND ElegantLand™.
  • You may Officially Participate at COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™ Establishments when available, which may soon be Listed (via) here:
    • CommuntyBusiness.Events™ & Eleganthe.Network™ Meetings at: Elegant.Center™-, Elegant.Cafe™-, Elegant.Restaurant™-, ElegantLun.ch™- & ElegantParty.Center™;
    • CommunityWorkshop.Pro™;
    • Elegant.Boutique™ & Elegant.Store™.

(a Searchable Elegant.Directory™ with COMMUNITY.BUSINESS Establishments may follow later)

Cards will intentionally be shipped (digital &/or physical) if funds are Fairly available at UNITED HOLLAND.


A recent study mentioned that out of ±3 Billion Employable People, ±1.2 Billion are Employed, which is ±40%, so ±60% unemployed.

From SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE, We found that the number of Employable People is actually between 6B-6.5 Billion. Mainly because of the Friendliness of Business Environments that severely let to be desired, the number seems much lower.
We seek to complement, instead of competition and do not regard educational level and financial wealth the deciding factors for potential to contribute beneficially to Society, to Our FAMILY.


For Eleganthe Family Members, YOurFAMILY.Agency™ is a NEW Concept, an Eleganthe Service.

We intent to launch The ‘Flagship’ YOurFAMILY.Agency™ Establishment, when its fairly financially possible. After this ‘Flagship’ is launched, YOurFAMILY.Agency™ Franchise Establishments may follow.

News at Social.News™ By UNITED HOLLAND (https://social.news):

~ 2-3-2024: Money Does Not Equal Security…
~ 27-2-2024: (older) Idea For More Efficient & Effective Elderly Care
~ 24-2-2024: C.S.R. Revolution Capgemini, Accenture, SAP & TATA CS?
~ Updated 22-2-2024: Voluntary Communism? Of Chinese People, (Old:±40%)(New:0%) would continue that, according to SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE
~ 31-12-2023: 2024 Pivot to Dear Public C.S.R.?

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NEWS: In 23 February 2024, We fin. paid for a domain registration takeover from a domain-dealer, concerning domain: elegantland.com .
This domain (elegantland.com) was (not by Us) previously registered in 12 August 2004.
We changed UNITED HOLLAND Elegant.Land™ to UNITED HOLLAND ElegantLand™.
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