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This ElegantLand™ is about NOT non-profit Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS:

This Community System is for example about giving Citizens a chance to earn Financial Income. Because it uses Designs-and-Creation-by-Citizens (Crowd-Sourcing) Approach, Financial Freelance compensation is possible, without Citizens need to have employers and neither their own trade-licenses. It is also NOT about Personal Gifts, Company Sponsorships and Government Grants. We try to work with Our Inherited Economical System.

For More Info, go to: https://community.business

*) Eleganthe: Family Members whom (are eligible to) sent a request to get an Eleganthe.ID™ Card.

UNITED HOLLAND ElegantLand™ with People at Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, China, Greece, United States of America, Brazil, Pakistan, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, South-Africa, South-Korea, Japan, Republic of Ireland & The Netherlands.

With an Eleganthe.ID™ Card:

  • You’ll have Official Membership of UNITED HOLLAND ElegantLand™.
  • You may Officially Participate at COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™ Establishments when available, which may soon be Listed (via) here:
    • CommuntyBusiness.Events™ at: Elegant.Center™-, Elegant.Cafe™-, Elegant.Restaurant™-, ElegantLun.ch™- & ElegantParty.Center™;
    • CommunityWorkshop.Pro™;
    • Elegant.Boutique™ & Elegant.Store™.

(a Searchable Elegant.Directory™ with COMMUNITY.BUSINESS Establishments may follow later)

Cards will intentionally be shipped (digital &/or physical) if funds are Fairly available at UNITED HOLLAND.

News at Social.News™ By UNITED HOLLAND (https://social.news):

~ 27-2-2024: (older) Idea For More Efficient & Effective Elderly Care
~ 24-2-2024: C.S.R. Revolution Capgemini, Accenture, SAP & TATA CS?
~ Updated 22-2-2024: Voluntary Communism? Of Chinese People, (Old:±40%)(New:0%) would continue that, according to SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE
~ 31-12-2023: 2024 Pivot to Dear Public C.S.R.?

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NEWS: In 23 February 2024, We fin. paid for a domain registration takeover from a domain-dealer, concerning domain: elegantland.com .
This domain (elegantland.com) was (not by Us) previously registered in 12 August 2004.
We changed UNITED HOLLAND Elegant.Land™ to UNITED HOLLAND ElegantLand™.
Domains: elegant.land, elegantland.uk & elegantland.org were already registered to UNITED HOLLAND and are mapped to domain unitedholland.com .


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