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Your personal business is probably relationally themed and ‘Your relating Mind’ seeks to exist beyond survival.

Food, drink, clothing, habitation, travel, education & employment, with communication, events & things, are different when those are infused with desirable relationships with others in Mind: intimate and other friendships.

United Holland(*), published by Xenuances(**), has approach that We are all FAMILY-members. To also try to: ‘feed, hydrate, other nourishing, clothe, habitate etc.’, there seems to be a need for a healthy economical system. Not stating that such a system is completed by Xenuances at this moment.

*) started in 2007
**) company Xenuances, started in 2021

What can We do to try to healthily sojourn together?

Typically people try to work for a living, instead of survival.
Part of living is spending spare time beneficially.

intentional healthy pastime activity model

For (future) company directors/management


Xenuances has co-designed trade2relate Family trade system, with ‘Public revision’ of your company (and/or company website) via Public involvement (inviting (potential) clients (and other people)) and ‘Relatheme’: relationally themed trading.

There is also Xenbly, a Family trade academy.

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