Terms & Conditions

You are invited to participate with UNITED HOLLAND, if you agree with the following intentions:
(Y)Our intention is to try to cooperate for improving society for a very good (or better) (functioning of) society. This includes:

  • Very good relationships between People and People and animals;
  • Very good jobs for all whom are capable to be (self-)employed & work that feels like play;
  • Very good relationships between Folks at different Countries and perhaps later as One Folk at ONE UNITED KINGDOM with Areas, Regions etcetera.

With UNITED HOLLAND is tried to work for these situations described above.

While there could be a lot of ‘legal/juridical’ wording, at UNITED HOLLAND belief is that intention and Spirit of the Letter goes beyond that.

If you do not agree to above mentioned intentions, you are asked to not directly continue with unitedholland.com(/verenigdholland.nl)

However, if later you do agree to these intentions, you are welcome to return.


While effort has been made to let unitedholland.com function towards intentions stated, there is no guarantee that future situations concerning intended functioning may let (some) to be desired. By actively continuing with company UNITED HOLLAND and/or above mentioned internet site(s), you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Zwolle, NL, 22 February 2023


Founder Director President,
Michael Roeten